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Upcoming New Year's Show Themes

New years 2017 is fast approaching and the Brigades have been hard at work pulling together their themes for the 2017 show. The themes have been decided and every brigade is now working out the story boards, costume and set designs. Mummers take no vacation, and by the end of the summers will be in full production. It looks to be another very exciting show with all ten brigades striving for that top prize. Listed below are the themes selected for this year’s production, in the order in which they will be presented to the judges:

1. Purple Magic

"Speak Easy" (Captain Mike Orlando Jr.)

2. Clevemore

"Oh Those places You'll Go" (Captain Ralph Tursi)

3. Avenuers

"Steam Punk" (Captain Bob Fitzmaurice)

4. 2nd Street Shooters

"The New Fire Ceremony" (Captain Rich Lind)

5. Satin Slipper

"Closing Time" (CaptainJohn Bielec, Jr.)

6. Jokers

"Dia De Los Muertos. Day of the Dead Celebration" (Captain Joe Gallagher, Jr.)

7. Golden Crown

"Rain Dance" (Captain Rob Runowski)

8. Spartans

"Tropical Island, Protectors of the Vibrant Utopia" (Captain Drew Averill)

9. Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars

"The Phantom's Masked Ball" (Captain Michael Adams)

10. South Philly Vikings

"Its all in Your 'Mime'" (Captain Pete D'Amato)

11. Downtowners

"Rio Festival of Animals" (Captain Anthony Stagliano)

12. Saturnalian

"Gangs of New York" (Captain Jack Hatty Jr)

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